Kennel Tour

Our kennel is on our family farm located East of State College, PA on US322. We grow and sell premium quality Christmas trees (mostly choose and cut) as well as raising Basset Hound puppies. (Also, my sister-in-law has Tait Farm Foods on the farm which primarily produces gourmet fruit products.)

Tait's Basset farm

Above is a picture from across US322 showing most of the farm buildings in the center and one of the fields of trees on the right. The kennel is the building under the middle gray roof.

This is a view of the puppy yard side of the kennel. It shows the size of the yards that the litters have to play in.

Inside Tait's Basset kennel

The picutre above shows the adult yards.

Tait's Basset mother with litter of puppies

Our litters always start out in a whelping (birthing) box. Our kennel is equipped with heat and air conditioning but the mothers and pups are kept extra warm with lights and blankets.

Tait's Basset puppies playing on ramp

This picture shows the size and condition of our inside pens. Our puppies have direct access to the play yards via a weather-proof dog door. This is kept open 24 hours a day and allows them to exercise their instinct to relieve themselves outside and not soil their nest. This is a help in starting housebreaking.

The west side pens in our kennel house the adults. Bassets love to see what you are doing so we provide them decks with ramps to get to the top.

The pictures below shows Alistair, Nina and Robin enjoying their deck and socializing with John Tait (owner). The adults also have 24 hour access to their yards through weather-proof dog doors. We use straw as bedding because it provides a renewable softness and coziness to their pens.

Four adult Bassets in Tait farm kennel

There is one divider wall with a deck right against it where the dogs love to gather to keep an eye on us. Below is a set of pictures showing how they entertain us.

Five Tait's Bassets looking over kennel wall

Four Tait's Bassets looking over kennel wall

Four Tait's Bassets licking their chops over kennel wall