Buying a Tait’s Basset puppy

Our goal is to have our puppies have a long happy healthy successful life as a family pet. To help accomplish this we do the following things:

  1. We encourage people to consider whether now is a good time to bring a puppy into your life.
  2. We also encourage people to visit our kennel to see our dogs and how we raise our puppies, however please email us at or call 814 380-1109 for an appointment (See our map for location and directions). We are normally here daily between 9 & 5, however there are some exceptions. If I am not available, usually Emily is. We are right on a main route, very easy to find, and we enjoy visitors.
  3. We don’t let our puppies leave the kennel until they are at least eight weeks old and we are confident that they are in good health. Sometimes people come to the kennel, pick a puppy that is ready and leave with it that day. However, more often people visit and pick a puppy before it is eight weeks come back for their puppy. When families reserve a puppy, we record the information in our data-base and record book and then receive a deposit. With the pictures we take every 2 weeks we can positively identify each puppy.
  4. We give each customer our instruction sheets on training, health care and feeding a Basset Hound. Before you leave with a puppy, we go over the instructions and show you how to clip the nails and clean the ears of your puppy. A main part of the instructions is housebreaking. I strongly advise using the “crate training” method and have a good crate of the right size at a reasonable price available for purchase when you pick up your puppy. After our puppies are three weeks old, they are continuously able to get outside to large grass yards. By the time the puppies leave our kennel, they are accustomed to going outside because of their instinct to go away from their nest. Although housebreaking of any dog is rarely immediate, this outdoor access, along with your use of the crate, will shorten the process.
  5. Because we want people to come here, for the reasons stated above, and because it is better for the puppy, we do not ship puppies.
  6. Please visit the Available Puppies Gallery to see what is currently available. Then email or call Emily for more information at: or 814-380-1109