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Q. What are Bassets like?

A. They are very much a companion dog. They love to be where you are. They love to snuggle and to go on walks and rides. They are generally easy-going friendly. Because they are so friendly with humans , they don't make a good guard dog. They love to eat. They certainly have some puppy energy as they grow up, but as adults they don't have that hyper energy like some breeds. Although it varies, they usually are not much for tricks or rough-housing. They idea of a good time is snuggling up to you on the couch

Q. What is their intelligence level?

A. They are actually pretty smart. However, they are basically pleasure seekers. They will use their intelligence to get what they want and you must have firm discipline to get them to do what you want (the usual gauge of pet intelligence.

Q. Are they good with children?

A. Generally they are very good with children. They like attention and physical contact. In choosing which puppies to keep or which to acquire from outside my kennel, it is important to us that they have an easy-going friendliness.

Q. Are Bassets easy to housebreak?

A. I would say they are average. It is not a strength of Bassets. However, we do three things to help make the process reasonable:

  1. The way we house our mothers and puppies they can get outside 24 hours a day after the puppies are about 2 weeks old. So that, by the time they are about 7 weeks old, they are going outside to do most all of their "business." Instinctively dogs want to go away from their nest and here they can act on that instinct and develop the habit of going outside. That doesn't mean that they are automatically housebroken in your house. It just helps.
  2. We do everything we can to have healthy puppies leave here. (Sick puppies do not train well.)
  3. We give each customer a (currently) 12 page set of instructions, that includes more than 5 pages on housebreaking, and we answer any questions that our customers have before the puppy leaves here.

Q. How do they get along with other dogs?

A. They typically get along very well with other dogs. After a short period of adjustment, a new puppy and other dogs already in the home usually become best buddies. Bassets are very much pack animals and want to bond with the humans and dogs in the household.

Q. What is the life expectancy?

A. They often live 10 - 14 years.

Q. Do Bassets tend to wander?

A.Bassets definitely need to be watched closely, be on a lead, or in a fenced area when they are outside, as their curiosity can take them far. However, our dogs do not generally run away fast, they meander.

Q. Do they have any known health problems? I know they need their ears cleaned, and their nails need to be kept short.

A. All our puppies get a very thorough physical exam by my vet. We guarantee that they leave here in good health. We have worked hard to do good selecting from my litters and from outside my kennel to try to minimize those things that Bassets have somewhat more often than the average dog population - back problems, skin problems and glaucoma.

Q. Do they seem to be loyal to one family member?

A. They usually get along well with everyone, but also sometimes have a favorite.


Q. Your price seems to be more than most
of other breeders. Why is that?

A. Thank you for asking.

Basically, we try to raise the best puppies we can. My price reflects what it takes to do a good job raising quality puppies. These are the things that we do that make them worth the cost:

  1. We spend considerable time and money selecting and acquiring breeding stock to work toward consistency of easy-going friendly temperament, good health qualities and good conformation.
  2. We do every thing we can to raise the puppies with care and love to produce healthy puppies.
  3. We do guarantee that our puppies leave here in good health. They all get a very good physical from our vet. We want every customer to take their puppy to their vet and get a complete physical, so that you and your vet are confident that the puppy is in good health. If anything turns up we will make it right. (Actually, my customers very rarely report any significant problems and not very often are there even minor ones.)

It takes lots of time and money to do all this well.

Q. Do you have references of past customers?

A.Yes, click Nice Letters for a selection of unsolicited letters.

Q. What is your health guarantee?

A. We guarantee that our puppies leave the kennel in good health. So, take your new puppy to your vet within five days after it leaves our kennel for a complete physical. We want you and your vet to be confident that the puppy is healthy. If your vet finds any problem, please contact us. If it is something minor, we will want you to get it treated and we will pay for the treatment. If it is something major, we will have a conversation about how to proceed. The puppy can come back for a full refund or a new puppy, or we will pay for the cost of treatment up to the cost of the puppy.

Q. Do they come with papers?

A. All of the dogs in my kennel have the American Kennel Club "Full" registration. We sell all of my puppies with the AKC "Limited" registration. (This is the pet registration and means that the dog is registered, but any puppies produced by a dog with this registration cannot be registered. Also, that dog cannot be shown in a regular AKC show for points. They can, of course, be shown in any number of different "fun" shows.

Q. With the limited AKC registration, is it possible to get more registration and if so what kind?

A. No. We have chosen to sell all my puppies with the limited registration and not change it to a full registration later. We sell them to be quality pets and the best pet is one that has been "fixed" at 6 months.

Q. Do they have all their vaccines ?

A. They have all the shots they need for the age they are when they leave our kennel. Each customer receives a sheet with the record of shots given and when, de-wormings and when and the report of the physical exam by my vet.

Q. Do you ever have older puppies available?

A. Sometimes, but most of the time my puppies are selected and on hold before they are ready to leave.

Q. Would you please send us updated pictures of the puppy we chose every once in awhile? It will be so nice to see how handsome he is becoming.

A. We usually take pictures every two weeks. You will be able to see updated pictures by clicking on the same webpage address that you received.


Q. How much do your dogs weigh?

A. Most of my puppies mature to be between 50 - 65 lbs.

Q. Do you have the sire and dam on the premises?

A.Yes, we always have the father and mother in the kennel, and often also some of the grandparents and maybe grandparents.

Q. What do you do with your older breeding dogs when you retire them? We have them spayed or neutered and find good indoor homes for them, usually between their 6th and 7th birthdays. We only to place them either in pairs or into homes with another Basset, often another one of retirees or one of of puppies grown up.

Q. How many litters do your mothers have?

A. We generally breed my females once per year for about five years or less.

Q. Are the older retired dogs crate-trained or housebroken ?

A. They are neither crate trained or housebroken to a human home. However, because of the way we house them here, they are housebroken to their home in the kennel. The adults very rarely "go" inside. As we have placed our older adults, the universal feedback that I get is that housebreak in a day. They already want to go outside and they know how to whine to get what they want. Simply taking them to the same door and the same place outside regularly and/or in response to fussiness, should be all it takes to get them started.

We select for quietness, so sometimes puppies or adults will go to the door and just wait for you to find them in need. You can train her to use a bell to ask to go outside. Hang a bell from the door knob (or from a screw eye in the door frame) and as you go outside, bump her nose into it and say whatever command word you are using e.g. "out." It is amazing how easily they pick this up.


Q. Do you recommend using the "crate training" method of housebreaking?

A. Yes, definitely. It uses the instinct of dogs and puppies to try not to "soil" their nest. My "Instructions" include a large section on how to do it and one of us goes over it with the customers before they leave with their puppy.

Q. If we use a crate to house break the puppy, will we need to use a crate after the puppy is house broken?

A.Often, the dogs continue to like using the crate. It is great help to have when visit friends and relatives with your Basset. It provides a place they are comfortable when the can't be free in your host's house. Also, with young children (2-4 yrs.) the crate fixed open, can be the safe haven for the dog if the children are trained to always leave the dog alone when it is in the crate.

Q. How big of a crate is needed?

A. The crate should be about 24"x36", obviously height doesn't matter.
We sell a good Midwest folding crate for $89.00.
(call ahead to reserve this item)


Q. When do you let your puppies leave?

A. They are usually ready to leave after they are 8 weeks old, but not before.

Q. Do we need to send you a deposit? If so and we come and decide not to buy a puppy will the deposit refunded? How much would a deposit be?

A. Yes, a deposit of $700.00 can be sent and will be fully refunded if you visit and decide not to buy the puppy.

Q. Do you take VISA/MasterCard?

A. Yes, as well as Discover. WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS

Q. If we came up on a Saturday, decided on a dog that day, could we take the puppy home on Sunday with us.

A. Yes. However, if you are interested in any of the puppies pictured in the email, you would want to have me hold it until you had a chance to look at it.

Q. What items do you offer for sale?

A. We try to keep these items available at the kennel:

Crate (Midwest folding 24"x36") $89.00
Well built, will last and fit for life of dog. Call or email ahead to make sure we have one. Ask us to reserve one for you.

Q. Do you ever ship puppies?

A. No, we do not ship. We want to have people come to the kennel, and so that we can we can meet and do face-to-face training. We feel strongly that it is best for the puppy, the customer and our kennel, when new owners are prepared for the responsibilities of raising a puppy.


Q. When is your kennel open for visitors?

A. Typically, my assistants or I am here or close by, from 9am to 5pm every day, except holidays. However, as this does vary, you want to make an appointment before coming.

Q. What would you suggest us bring with us to accommodate the puppy for the long ride home?

A. Here's a list:

  1. A pan for water.
  2. A jug to take some of our water with you.
  3. A towel to initially hold the puppy.
  4. A fluffy blanket to make a nest next to you on the seat or on the floor after you get tired of holding the puppy.
  5. A pan for food if the trip is longer than 6 hours.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Right in the very center of PA, just East of Boalsburg, which is East of the town of State College. (Where Penn State is.)
Click on Map and Directions for details.

Q. Do you have recommendations for convenient places to stay overnight near you kennel?

A. Here's a list of convenient hotels:

On Business US 322
Best for people coming up 322 and for those that visit one day and come to pick up the puppy the next.
Going west from Tait's Bassets 1.7 miles on 322, you bear right for Business 322 West, (or Go straight for US 322 West)

Courtyard by Marriott
5.1 miles West from Tait's Bassets on Bus 322, (behind Ruby Tuesdays,) Turn left at light onto University Dr. (before Ramada), turn left on University Drive, take first right and you there.
Indoor pool

Ramada Inn
5.2 miles West from Tait's Bassets, on left, easy to see
Indoor pool with Jacuzzi

Springfield House814-466-6290
2.5 miles West from Tait's Bassets on Bus 322,
Turn left onto Church St. at light in Boalsburg,
Drive 2 blocks to Main St.,
Turn left on Main St. then sixth house on right,
26 E. Main St., (a little past and across from

Duffy's Tavern (circa 1819).
Customers who have stayed there say it is very nice.

Off of US 322 (not Bus 322) about 10 miles West of Tait's Bassets
Good for those coming in from the west on Interstate 80 or Interstate 99

Holiday Inn Express
(Coming from the West) Get off at Waddle Road/Woodycrest exit,
Ramp will take you up to stop sign, turn right onto Waddle Rd.,
Drive several hundred feet and Holiday Inn will be on your left
(with Outback Steakhouse in front)

On PA 26 between US 322 and Bus 322
Good for those coming from the East on Interstate 80

Hampton Inn
Follow PA 26 from I-80 to US 322, (do not turn left as you would to get to Tait's Bassets)
Cross over US 322 and continue on PA 26 for about 3/4 mile and the Hampton Inn will be on your right, but set back from the highway
Turn immediately before Damons Restaurant
Heated outdoor pool

For complete list in county, click on Hotels/Motels