Adopting Tait's Bassets Retirees

We have found homes for all of our 2017 retirees. We will not have any adults available until 2018.

Thank you.

When our dogs are retired from having puppies, we want to find them a good home. They are part of our "pack" here and have always lived in that pack. We have found that they are most happy when they leave here and go into a home where there is at least one Basset. Therefore, we only place them where there is another Basset or we place them in pairs.

When they are placed into a good home with another Basset, they do amazingly well. They adjust very quickly to the life of the pampered home. The humans in the new home consistantly report that it seems like their new Basset behaves as if it has been there it's whole life. They are happy when they are here and even happier when they become a family pet.

When they leave here, they are neither crate trained or housebroken to a human home.  However, because of the way we house them here, they are housebroken to their home in the kennel.  The adults very rarely "go" inside.  As I have placed my older adults, the universal feedback that I get is that housebreak in a day.  They already want to go outside and  they know how to whine to get what they want. Simply taking them to the same door and the same place outside regularly and/or in response to fussiness, should be all it takes to get them started. 

I select for quietness, so sometimes puppies or adults will go to the door and just wait for you to find them in need. You can train her to use a bell to ask to go outside. Hang a bell from the door knob (or from a screw eye in the door frame) and as you go outside, bump her nose into it  and say whatever command word you are using e.g. "out."  It is amazing how easily they pick this up. (I do sell bells on a leather strap that has "TAIT'S BASSETS" branded on it.)

When we get the retirees ready to leave, we have them spayed or neutered and have their teeth cleaned if needed. They will have had a complete physical and vaccinations will be up to date.

The most important thing is that we find them a good home. We base the price for our retirees on various factors so there is no set price for our retirees.