Details of Tait's Bassets Program for Excellence

With help, we have created a data-base that allows us to track the life happenings of our puppies from conception to passing away.  This includes all of the de-wormings, vaccinations and veterinarian physicals of every puppy. The “Daily Tasks” printouts make sure all of these events are done on time and recorded.  During the “Departure” procedure, each customer receives a print of all of these events and our recommendations for the rest of the puppy shots.

We work very hard to select the best dogs to keep from our breedings and to acquire dogs that further our goals for excellence.  We then want customers to report any significant health and temperament issues, so that we can offer advice and record these for making breeding decisions. We also welcome and enjoy compliments on our success. Our data-base allows us to search the records of the offspring of each female and male as well as particular matings.  Dogs we have acquired are from show champion bloodlines.

We want our dogs and the puppies we produce, to be easy-going friendly. Not aggressively friendly (in your face), not grumpy aggressive, not shy, and not wanting to be dominant of their humans or other dogs (and therefore harder to train). We watch how our dogs behave here the kennel and get feedback from visiting customers, from phone calls and from emails.  Frankly, Tait’s Bassets are known for their pleasant, friendly nature. The young dogs we choose to stay here for breeding must show us as they grow that they have the temperament we want. One of the advantages of having a sizable kennel is the luxury of having many litters to choose replacement breeding males and females from to continue to improve the quality of our puppies.

We work to maximize the likihood that each of our puppies grows up to be a healthy adult for the long term. We work to have them leave here healthy. We feed them well and they leave here eating Canidae brand dry dog food.

We do routine treatments to assure, as best possible, that they are parasite free.

Before leaving, our veterinarian (of over 20 years) does a thorough physical examination of every puppy.

Also, by doing selection of our breeding stock based on data-base records and our knowledge and records of every individual adult, we have worked to minimize the likelihood of health and structural problems.

Quality food builds healthy mothers and puppies.

We have several recommendations for quality dry dog food. We have found that corn is a very common allergen in Basset Hounds so it is important to read the labels of the dog food you select (if you are not going to feed one of the brands we suggest below). Along with corn (including corn meal) you should avoid wheat and any animal meat "by-products." Rice and other grains such as barley are fine. Some of the foods listed below are more available than others which is why we offer a selection of high quality foods for you to choose from. 

1. Canidae All Life Stages
        This link is about CANIDAE - All Life Stages food:

        This link will help find the closest Canidae dealer to you:

2. Canidae Grain Free Pure Foundations Puppy Formula (Chicken)

3. Annamaet Encore 25% Protein
        This link is about Annamaet Encore 25% Protein food:

        This link will help find the closest Annamaet dealer to you:

4. Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Dog Chicken & Rice Formula
        This link is about Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Food:

This link will help find the closest Diamond dealer to you:


We now have the kennel total insulated, and heat and cool with a heat pump that easily keeps the kennel between 65 and 75 degrees - year round.

24 hour access to our large outside runs is part of making our dogs happy and social. The runs average about 15’ wide and 50’ long.

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Our procedure when the puppies leave here is very important to us. We want our customers to be fully ready to have a successful puppy ownership.
Information and training includes 16 page “Tait’s Bassets Instructions” for getting started with your puppy. Also, customers receive the Tait’s Bassets Guarantee and the Health Record detailing the de-wormings and shots given and recommended future shots.


John Tait –Owner/manager.  Started when he was 10 in 1960. He was away from kennel for about 10 years from 1969 to 1979. Over 45 years experience in Tait's Bassets kennel.

Jeff Davis –For over 10 years has managed the health protocol and does most of the weekday chores along with Emily Zink. He came to us as a very experienced vet tech.

Emily Zink - Started working on the farm in 2010. She helps John manage the office, helps with the health protocols and chores, and handles all puppy sales.

Donna Smith, Chandler Collins and Zoey Branford share duties doing daily chores and visitor greetings. They all care very much about the dogs, work hard, and are wonderful representitives of our kennel.

Elton Tait – (50 years - “Kennel Master” Emeritus) passed away July 19, 2010. 

When needed, we want people ask for advice on training and health issues after they have their puppies at home.  All of what we do here is aimed at a long, happy and successful life for our puppies. Helping owners overcome problems is part of our total effort.