Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our puppies leave the kennel in good health.  We require that you to take your new puppy to your vet within five days after it leaves our kennel for a complete physical.  We want you and your vet to be confident that the puppy is healthy.  If your vet finds any problem, please contact us. If it is something minor, we will want you to get it treated and we will pay for the treatment. If it is something major, you must call us so that we can have a conversation about how to proceed. The puppy can come back for a full refund or a new puppy, or we will pay for the cost of treatment up to the cost of the puppy.

Our guarantee does not include reimbursement for the cost of the initial visit to your vet, however, we will reimburse you for any medications dispensed during the initial visit to your vet for any minor health issues that may be present.  For example, ear infection or urinary tract infection.

We use a very good “wormers” to rid the puppies and the adults of intestinal parasites.  Generally, they have had at least four “treatments” and usually leave here parasite free. However, to make sure, take about a golf ball size stool sample (poop) to your vet on your initial visit to the vet. We do not reimburse for anti-parasitic medication, if needed.

We have a long history of standing behind the health of our puppies and do everything we can to insure you are purchasing a healthy puppy, however we do not have any control over things that happen after the puppy leaves our kennel.  Therefore, we will not reimburse for illness of your puppy that would be considered a normal health issue in dogs.

If your puppy is diagnosed with a genetic health issue in the first year, we want you to contact us before proceeding with treatment.  We will gather information from you and your vet and consult with our vet to decide what would be our fair responsibility for reimbursement. In any case, the limit of reimbursement will be the cost of the puppy.

This puppy is being sold with the AKC Limited Registration (this is the pet registration and means that the dog can be registered, but cannot be shown for points and any puppies produced by a parent with this registration cannot be registered.)  Therefore, we fully expect your puppy to be spayed or neutered at six months of age.

With the breeding and raising of our puppies and the training of our customers, we try to assure that they have a long successful life together.  However, if during the life of this dog, you find that you can no longer keep it and you need help in finding a new placement, we want you to contact us. We want none of our dogs to have the risks of going to a shelter.

To help with our breeding program, we want you to let us know of any significant health or temperament issues your dog may have.

Where the date is filled in, we have given that shot. The rest is a suggested schedule; your vet may want to do something somewhat different and that is all right.  However, do not skip the rest of the shots, especially the one at 17 weeks, as you don’t know which one of the shots will give your puppy protection from Parvovirus.  Parvo is a very deadly disease.  Law requires the rabies shot, and the timing varies from vet to vet.
Ask your vet about reactions to shots.  (It is rare, but puppies can have serious reactions).

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